How MFT Works

What is MFT?

Imagine Counselling without having to talk about it!

Talking about your problems has no therapeutic effect whatsoever. 

Unlike other counselling modalities where you need to discuss the painful areas of your life, MFT uses quick and painless process work to permanently remove anything about you or your life that you do not like, or would like to change.

There's no dwelling on your feelings and experiences.

MFT is non confrontational, and we don't give you advice! We find the emotional triggers and pain, those beliefs and feelings that are holding you back, and get rid of the energy around it...quickly and permanently.

It's hard to explain how it really simply need to experience it. Commonly, clients walk out with a feeling of joy and calm....peace of mind...It's like a mental and emotional spring clean.



Feeling fearful, overwhelmed, depressed, fatigued, angry, frustrated, broken, stressed, hurting, at breaking point, confused, scared, drowning....Would you like to get back to your happy place...the real you?

How Does MFT Work?

The 4 Elements

We consist of mind, body, spirit,...and our identities. Some people would relate to identities as the ego....either way, these are the personalities, systems, and habits that we create in life...some knowingly...some unknowingly...They are the interface that allows us to operate efficiently while we have this human experience.

As you can imagine...some of these identities run amuck. We don't know how we created them, and we don't know how to get rid of them.


Why MFT works

Everything is energy...Your identities are just energy...

Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not real...think - radio waves, or gravity. But as you cannot 'see' energy...your identities, it's very difficult to put your attention fully on the actual energetic cause of an issue...all we see is the it is making us feel and how it is affecting our lives.  Guiding you with specific tools to 'see' the energy, and with simple and direct focus, you are able on take back the energy that these identities take from you.

You can think and meditate and discipline yourself and create goals all you like...they are band aids and temporary methods to relieve the pressure...but often the 'stuff' you don't want in your life keeps coming back...MFT deals with the cause...not the effect.

The Process - What to Expect

We go through a few details about how it all works, ask you some 'right 'questions to point you in the direction you need to go, and begin the one-on-one eyes closed guided process work.

We don't muck around...we get you in deep and guide you to remove the unwanted feelings and trauma. If you feel that processes did not work for you...come back for free...If we cannot remove the issues you came in'll get your money back.

Sessions can be done in person or via phone or video call. Your first session will take 1-2 hours. Follow up sessions 30-40 minutes. Most people only require 2 sessions.

Although naturally all sessions are confidential...and you do not need to disclose any traumatic might just want to rave about the results!

Finally get rid of:

  • Stress and fatigue
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Learning disabilities (children & adults)
  • Addictions & compulsion
  • Physical health issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Covid meltdown
  • Career and money issues


...Anything about you that you do not like, and would like to change
Any issues or patterns in your life that are stuck, or keep coming back.

If you're not waking up "gurgling with joy" most are not living an optimal life...

Would you like more:

  • Self esteem & confidence
  • Feeling at peace
  • Control of your 'monkey mind'
  • Physical health & weight loss
  • Motivation & insiration
  • Successful relationships
  • Sports & athletic success
  • Life balance

Pricing and Packages


Full session - we dig deep to find the main cause of everything, and finish off with all the other issues that bubble up once the big stuff is cleared away

1.5 - 2hr initial session with ½ hour follow up a week later.

$250 (New Year 2022 special offer)



Top ups & quick fixes - life is a muddy game...we all need the occasional spring clean whether its a new conflict or an old one that was hidden away.

$60 per half hour



Mega Month - the life changing program - we find you clear away the energy and and identities that have been holding you back, sometimes it feels like more and more issues's like pealing layers off the onion...but with less tears...

Full session & follow up, weekly sessions and on call for immediate help.

$750 (New Year 2022 special offer)



Other - POA 

  • Business & Life coaching
  • Children love MFT! We'll teach you to help them.
  • 142 Breath work to stay calm and clear



Where did MFT come from?

Nicole is an advanced Mace Energy Method (MEM) practitioner and Trainer, taught directly by founders Dr. John Mace PhD, and John Avery. She was also involved in marketing the work worldwide and successfully got John Mace's book "Energy Over Mind" published by a New York Times best selling publisher Morgan James Publishing.

Over the years, she discovered that there are always more 'Identities' lurking...that seem to pop up out of the blue. Layers of an onion so to speak. Also, life is a muddy game...we can clean ourselves up...but we jump back in and slowly but surely things get murky again over time.

So the quest to create a system to keep ourselves on track has developed...fine tuning the important parts of ourselves to target, and techniques to stay on track have been added to the original material!

Her goal is to make MFT a community or family 'get together' where everyone can come and share and session each other with the support of trained practitioners...a monthly process that you have every opportunity to be waking up gurgling with joy every day.

Here's a few historic testimonials:

“The Mace Energy Method looks too good to be true because of its simplicity. However, the rapid positive outcomes amaze and delight my clients. Relationships improve, negative emotions and compulsive urges disappear, and they enjoy a new sense of well-being.”

-Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, DCEP (psychologist
based in USA)

“This method advances the effective treatment of emotional illness and heralds a breakthrough of such unparalleled importance as to be worthy of a Nobel Prize”

Dr. Robert Roerich M.D. Research Psychiatrist

“I consider the Mace Energy Method to be a major advancement in psychology, psychotherapy, and Energy Psychology. The method involves no analysis; limited discussion; no tapping, poses, gestures, bodily postures, or muscle testing; although I’ve been exploring if there is any need to integrate the method with other approaches, I believe it is a stand-alone method that relies simply on mental images and that it generally works faster and deeper than other more complicated therapeutic methods.”

Fred P Gallo, PhD.
Author ‘Energy Psychology’ and ‘Energy Tapping for Trauma’


What you fear, you create....and although, we don't notice 99% of the underlying 'fear' that we carry around on a daily basis, simply put, what we resist, persists...Why we resist has to do with negative feelings and beliefs that are quietly running in the background of our lives like a broken record. You'll have swept all the 'dirt' under the carpet..but you've ended up with a lumpy carpet!

You don't need to be mentally unwell to benefit from a session! How about just levelling up on the amount of JOY in your life!! How many of us are truly happy?? Like we were when we were kids? Like we are when we're on holidays? Why not gurgle with joy every day??


MFT does not band-aid the pain - we get rid of the cause.
We're in tough a session now...

Ready to get back happy?

Call Nicole for a chat to see if this might be a better option than endless counselling or psychotherapy sessions.

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in 5 words or less...

"WOW...I feel so different"

~Jan B.

"Best thing I've ever done"

~Toby L.

"Problems? what problems lol"

~Ingrid K.

"I fee so relaxed now"

~Peter R.

"That was amazing, super simple"


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