The Mind Freedom Technique is a phenomenal alternative to traditional counselling and psychotherapy. It offers non-invasive guided processes  to eliminate the fears and emotional issues that hold you back from being the very best version of's guaranteed...and it's fast!

Become the very best version of you!

Non Invasive

We do not need to know the fact, if you want to 'talk about it', you're wasting our time and yours...this process is all about focus...not talk.


When have you ever known counselling services to have a guarantee? If it doesn't work the first time...come back free until it does...or your money back.


Naturally we do consult face to face, but if you can't get to us, phone, skype, or zoom all work just as well...all you need is a quiet space for 1-2 hours.

Ready to get back the real you?

Call Nicole for a chat to see if this might be a better option than endless counselling or psychotherapy sessions.

MFT Guarantee

Need More Info?

Find out how and why The MIND FREEDOM Technique works so well, and choose pricing and package options.


Interested in helping people become the best they can be?

Inquire about our practitioner training...


in 5 words or less...

"WOW...I feel so different"

~Jan B.

"Best thing I've ever done"

~Toby L.

"Problems? what problems lol"

~Ingrid K.

"I fee so relaxed now"

~Peter R.

"That was amazing, super simple"


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